Chart of reasons to volunteerThere are many reasons why volunteering is a great thing to do and there are many ways in which you can become a volunteer.  There are volunteering opportunities available in your local area, nationally and internationally as well as on-campus opportunities within the university and with the Students’ Association. Discover more and become a volunteer today!

Off-Campus Volunteering Opportunities

Whether you're looking for a local volunteering opportunity or are interested in becoming a national or international volunteer, our Careers and Employability Centre provide details of the options available and can help to find the right opportunity for you.

On-Campus Volunteering Opportunities

Get involved in university life by volunteering to be a Class Rep or a student member of a committee or take part in some of the range of volunteering activities offered by HISA, the Highlands and Islands Students’ Association.

You can also become a Student Mentor or offer Peer Support to provide valuable support to other students.

There may be opportunities to do some voluntary work within your department to gain course-related experience and you should speak to your PAT or lecturers to find out what is available.

Additionally, your local HISA team or your college or research institution may seek students to help with events and activities. Students should speak with their local HISA officer(s), student engagement officer or equivalent to find out more.

Make Volunteering Count

Once you become a volunteer you can make it count towards various awards.

The university operates a Skills and Employability Award where volunteering is a recognised activity.

The university is also accredited to run the Duke of Edinburgh Award and participating students can log volunteering hours within the Volunteering section of an Award. Please note that this Award is only available in certain colleges.  To find out if your college is currently running the award, please contact us.

If you are a student under 25 years of age you can register with the Saltire Awards and log volunteering hours to achieve awards.  Once you are registered you will be assigned to a local Saltire Delivery Office where you can access support.

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Find out what our students have to say about their volunteering experiences or watch HISA's volunteering video.

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