An occasional habit which gets out of control can quickly turn into an addiction. It can wreck your life and the lives of those around you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are concerned about your, or someone else's, drinking, drug-taking or gambling.

  • Speak to your GP or contact one of help groups listed below.
  • You can also contact your Student Adviser or Student Support team at your campus. You may also need help with financial problems.

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‘Moderation’ is a good rule where alcohol is concerned. While small quantities can help you relax, it is all too easy to drink excessively. Before you pour ‘just one more’, remember that you are increasing your risk of ill-health if you regularly drink over one or two lagers a day (men) or two small glasses of wine (women).

If you use illegal or unprescribed drugs, however, your health and your studies are not the only things you put at risk: your finances will also suffer and you could end up with a criminal record - which might prevent you working in your chosen career, or getting a job abroad. Find out more about the effects of drugs on the body.

Check out the following websites content

Check out the following websites

Get help on alcohol or drugs any time of the day on the Talk to Frank website or call him on 0800 776600.