Stay safe! Meningitis can come on suddenly, progress quickly and can be serious. 

Meningitis is a rare but serious disease, affecting about 150-200 people in Scotland each year. Immediate treatment is needed. Be aware of the symptoms and look out for one another.

Symptoms of meningitis

In Scotland

  • MenACWY immunisation is offered through the school immunisation programme from S3. If you have not had this vaccine whilst at school you should check with your health board if it is available from your GP.
  • Many health boards only provide the Men ACWY whilst you are at school and it is not available from GP practices unless you have a clinical condition that puts you in a risk group i.e. you cannot request the vaccine purely on the basis of going to university.


  • Unvaccinated students coming from other parts of the UK or further afield to study in Scotland should make sure they get the vaccine before they travel to Scotland as there is no guarantee the MenACWY vaccine will be available at Scottish University health centres or GP practices

Meningitis vaccine


The #FastestHour Meningitis Now awareness video