Medical conditions


Long term or permanent medical conditions may not always be obvious to others.

If your medical condition makes you tired or unwell for periods, and you are finding it difficult to attend lectures and tutorials, whether that is online or in a classroom, or to finish assignments on time, don’t despair, speak to your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT), Student Advisor, or Lecturer about it. It is usually possible to adjust the course or to give you extra tutorial support to enable you to catch up. We may also be able to re-negotiate deadlines for submission of work and make special arrangements when it comes to examinations.

The Student Support team at your college will also be able to look at ways of helping if you need special equipment, a helper to take notes or any other type of support which enables you to successfully study.

Long term medical conditions may also come within the definition of disability so please take a look at the information on the Inclusive and Learning Support webpages and talk to either your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT), Student Adviser, or Student Support team at your campus.

Further information and support: