Online enrolment


Enrolling online takes approximately five minutes. The system stores your data in year one and if you have answered a question (where the data will not change) you will not be asked it again throughout your studies. This will make enrolling much quicker than completing a form. The data will be under your own control and therefore more accurate and more complete. It means you can ensure we are holding the correct information about you.

Enrolment before you attend college will also reduce queues at the administration offices in induction week and you'll be able to get your ID card etc much more quickly.

What else can UHI Records do?

The student hub is a one stop shop where you can check module/unit results, contact your advisor, change your address or print out transcripts.  We may also ask you to check and update your details throughout the year.  We will always contact you by email to your student email account so make sure you keep an eye on that regularly.

If you have any questions about on-line enrolment, drop an email to To find out why we collect data on you, please read this information.

Continuing students

Please remember, you must apply for your funding on a yearly basis, please remember to apply to SAAS every year. Please see for further funding information.