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What used to be "TANDBERG Movi" is now "Cisco Jabber for Telepresence".

The old "ConferenceMe" application is no longer supported and you should install Jabber for Telepresence instead.

Before you begin, see the Guide to Using UHI Jabber (.pdf)


  • Cisco Jabber for Telepresence (.exe) is our standard 'Personal VC' software. This installation is pre-configured and you will just need to enter your username/password once the software is installed.

Mac OS X


  • 21/09/15 CISCO have now removed the Jabber for iPad app from the app store. If you have previously installed this it will still work but there is no new app that can be installed.


There is more information in the VideoConferencing section of the web site.


Installation requires local admin access to the PC so you may need to contact your local IT support team for permission or assistance. Uninstalling any older versions often resolves problems installing Citrix client software.

To use the MyUHI service Windows based systems (PCs/Laptops) will need to install the Citrix Receiver. This is the file that the Login page will push down to your equipment if no Citrix software is found to be installed.

Equipment owned by the college and used by staff may require the Citrix Programme Neighbourhood Agent. This should not be installed on home equipment.

Other platforms

Software for other platforms is available from the Citrix web site

Student Home Use

These products are available for free to eligible students (please see product pages for eligibility information)

Microsoft Office 2013 (on up to 5 different devices)





Much of the software licensed for the University is also available when working at home through the MyUHI service.

Staff Home Use

Instructions for Free Microsoft Office 2013

Provides access to Office on up to 5 different devices. Please note, Microsoft Project and Visio aren't available with the free Microsoft Office downloads. If you want those you should purchase them through the Home Use Programme (£9.95).

Please contact the for details.

Much of the software licensed for the University is also available when working at home through the MyUHI service.


Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Shockwave Player
Adobe Reader
QuickTime Player
RealPlayerWindows Media Player

Mac OS X users will need to install the Windows Media Components for QuickTime to allow them to view Windows Media content.

Remote Support


Client for staff or students at home: UHI-TeamViewer-QS.exe

Client for UHI Technical Staff: TeamViewer_Setup.exe

Apple MAC

Client for staff or students at home: TeamViewer OS

Useful Apps

Below is a list of useful mobile apps