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Dr Iain MacInnes

I completed my PhD at the University of Aberdeen in the summer of 2008. Having completed my MA and MPhil at the University of Glasgow, my research at Aberdeen focussed on the period of the Second Scottish Wars of Independence (1332-1357), with particular interest in the conduct and behaviour of Scottish and English forces at war. I joined the Centre for History in January 2009 and, in addition to being module leader for several undergraduate and postgraduate modules, am also Programme Leader for most of the Centre's Taught Postgraduate provision. I am also currently Interim Subject Network Leader for Humanities, Education and Gaelic.

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My research is focused on medieval Scottish political and military history. My first monograph and subsequent research have focused largely on the Second Scottish Wars of Independence (1332-1357), although I have also written about the First War of Independence, and am now expanding my research into the twelfth and thirteenth centuries as I examine the treatment of rebels and traitors in medieval Scotland. Areas of research interest within which I am happy to oversee PhD students include the above, as well as the following:

  • Anglo-Scottish Relations
  • The Scottish Wars of Independence
  • The Hundred Years’ War
  • Medieval Warfare and Military History
  • Chivalry and Conduct in War
  • Revolt and Rebellion in medieval Scotland and England
  • Modern Popular Culture and the Depiction of 'the medieval'
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‘Katherine Beaumont, Countess of Atholl, and the Second Scottish War of Independence (c. 1327–c. 1336)’, Scottish Historical Review, 102(3) (2023), pp. 333-366

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"Scotland's Second War of Indpendence (1332-1357)", History Scotland (2021)

  • Part 1: Two Kings in One Kingdom (January/February 2021), pp. 10-15.
  • Part 2: Intensification and Insurrection, 1333-1337 (March/April 2021), pp. 40-45.
  • Part 3: Recovering the Kingdom, 1337-1341 (May/June 2021), pp. 48-52.
  • Part 4: The Return of the King (1341-1346) (forthcoming)
  • Part 5: In the Shadow of Neville's Cross (1346-1357) (forthcoming)

‘“A somewhat too cruel vengeance was taken for the blood of the slain”: Royal Punishment of Rebels, Traitors, and Political Enemies in Medieval Scotland, c.1100–c.1250’, in Treason: Medieval and Early Modern Adultery, Betrayal, and Shame, ed. Larissa Tracy (Leiden: Brill, 2019).

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Scotland's Second War of Independence, 1332-1357 (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2016).

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I have developed materials for and teach on the following undergraduate and postgraduate modules, many of which relate directly to my own areas of research interest and expertise:

  • Scottish History, 1066-1603 (1st year)
  • The Middle Age? Europe, c.1100-c.1500 (1st year)
  • Scotland, the North Sea and the Baltic (2nd year)
  • Crown-Magnate Relations in Later Medieval Northern Scotland (3rd year)
  • War and Chivalry in Later Medieval Britain and France (3rd year)
  • A clash of civilisations: The Crusades, c.1096-1198 (3rd year)
  • A Society at War? Scotland, 1100-1400 (3rd year)
  • War cruel and sharp: A military history of the Hundred Years' War (4th year)
  • Noble, Rebel, King: Robert Bruce and Medieval Scotland (4th year)
  • Scotland’s Second War of Independence, 1332-1357 (4th year)
  • Through a glass darkly: The medieval in film (4th year)
  • The Lordship of the Isles (Masters)
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Additional activities

Additional activities

I am a member of the Society of Scottish Medievalists. I am Reviews Editor for the academic peer-reviewed journal Northern Scotland, which is co-edited by the University of Aberdeen and the University of the Highlands and Islands. I am also a member of the board of trustees for the Scottish Historical Review Trust.