Dr Linsey Hunter

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Lecturer in history

I went to St Andrews as an undergraduate to study modern history, but ended up staying to do a PhD in medieval legal history among the friendly and vibrant academic community of medieval historians there. My PhD research focused on the language of the law, charters and landholding in southern Scotland and northern England in the high middle ages. I started working at UHI in September 2013, where I have enjoyed expanding on the teaching experience I gained at St Andrews.

Linsey Hunter



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My research broadly reflects my postgraduate research at present: I am currently revising my thesis into a monograph entitled "Negotiating the Frontier: Landholding and Society in the Anglo-Scottish Border Region, c.1066-c.1250" and preparing journal articles for submission including an edited translation of the vita of Robert, first abbot of Newminster Abbey (b.c.1100-7/6/1159), with Dr Patricia Stewart.  I am committed to widening access to sources and encouraging dialogue between sub-disciplines.  Accordingly, I am co-editing a guide to medieval charters with Dr John Davies (Glasgow) and co-founder of the Network for Gender and Legal History Dr Catherine Lawless and Dr Gillian Kenny hosted through the Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Trinity College, Dublin.