Acquiring Funding

Finding and then getting financial help is often a crucial step towards realising your ambitions; whether those are business innovations or to help fund your learning journey.

Various funding options exist and these include grants, scholarships, partnerships and sponsorships.  Each option has its own application process and requirements.

Funders usually provide have a set of aspirations, which they intend to achieve by the investment of their money.  It is very important to tailor your funding applications carefully, so you can demonstrate how your project or activity is worthy and eligible for the funding and that your activity fits within their requirements for the type of activity, the scale of activity, that application and delivery can happen within their timeframes and that the activity(s) meets the funding criteria and overall aspirations. 

To help secure financial support for joint endeavours, UHI can help you identify the right funding source and articulate the project’s value proposition effectively.

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Aquaculture funding with UHI

Funding for knowledge exchange projects can come from various sources, and UHI collaborates with businesses to explore these options.  Companies are typically expected to contribute cash, in-kind (like staff time, materials, or equipment), or a combination of both.  This collaborative approach ensures that projects are adequately resourced and allows for mutual benefits and shared expertise between academia and industry.

The UHI Aquaculture Hub can help fund short-term Knowledge Exchange projects that have been very successful at testing new ideas and developing pathways to larger projects.

Grants are awarded in the region of £3,000 and £20,000 and projects 1-6 months in duration. Collaborations will usually be between a company and UHI.

The Challenge Fund is like the AIEF, but the projects are smaller, up to £2,500,
and have a simpler application process.

Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Discretionary Funds.

Covering the costs of training and education is possible in many cases, with options varying based on the course and academic level.  You can find out more at UHI's Funding and Money Matters pages.

Aquaculture students at UHI have an opportunity twice per year to apply for funding to help their learning journey.



Wider funding landscape

With funding options available across a wide landscape of options, UHI can help you develop your projects and identify the necessary research funding when partnering with us.

Or if you want to self-fund some research, innovation or knowledge exchange you can come to us direct to get lab analysis done or to hire of facilities and equipment.

These can all be delivered to your own specification and timeline.

Graduate Recruitment and student engagement

Advertise your vacancy with UHI or engage with our student network through placements, internships and work experience.

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