Irene Nute

Perth College UHI Student of the Year


Irene Nute, from Auchterarder, returned to education after working for the Armed Forces.  She went on to achieve exceptional results throughout her four years of study on the BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering programme, culminating in a First Class Honours degree. 

 Her lecturers nominated Irene for the award, describing her as: “An outstanding and gifted student who is committed to her studies.  She has a passion for the aviation industry and quest to maximise future employment opportunities that will lead to a long and rewarding professional career.”

 “Irene is a mature student who is a single parent to a young family and faces an extremely difficult task of balancing her children’s upbringing with her university studies.  This adds more credibility to her exceptional academic achievements and has earned her the unquestionable respect and admiration of her fellow students and the department teaching staff. 

“During her time at Perth College UHI, Irene has embraced and participated in extra-curricular activities.  Of particular note is her role as a volunteer student representative on the Aircraft Engineering course committee.  She has also volunteered for student representation in other important processes, including the successful accreditation of the degree programme by the Royal Aeronautical Society and the recent approval of the MEng Aircraft Engineering scheme.”

Picture: Irene Nute, BEng (Hons) Aircraft Engineering, Perth College UHI