Timothy Morrison

UHI Postgraduate Student of the Year


Timothy Morrison’s achievement is remarkable for someone who, this time last year, was just coming out of hospital after a long period of serious ill health – which at one point saw him hospitalised and in a coma for a month with double pneumonia.  After some time off to recuperate, Timothy picked up his studies again at the start of this year. Despite ongoing health challenges he has now completed a Master of Literature in Orkney and Shetland Studies, through the University’s Centre for Nordic Studies, based at the Centre’s Orkney College UHI campus.

Tim, who grew up in Stromness, is also looking forward to the publication of his first novel – the first draft of which was written in six weeks while completing a creative writing module two years ago as part of his Masters course.  He said: “I’d been back home for six months after several years away from Orkney, and thought this would be a good way to get my feet back under the table. A friend of mine was doing the course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d say the course, being at the postgraduate level, is a fantastic opportunity to explore in depth on your background, your people and your culture.”

He was nominated for the University of the Highlands and Islands-wide award by his tutor, Dr Victoria Whitworth, who says it was Tim’s passion for his studies that inspired her to put him forward for consideration. “He clearly relishes the overall experience and challenge of being a student – it’s this positivity which shines through.  He’s very supportive of other students and is never afraid to debate controversial opinions.”




Picture: Timothy Morrison, MLitt Orkney and Shetland Studies, Orkney College UHI