Dr Ingrid Mainland

Ingrid graduated from Durham University with a BA Hons in Archaeology.

After working for English Heritage as an archaeozoologist in Durham and Cambridge, she undertook PhD research in the Dept. of Archaeology at Sheffield University. This was followed by a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, again at Sheffield. She took up a Lectureship in Environmental Archaeology at Bradford University in 1999 and remained there until moving back to Orkney in 2010 to a Lectureship in the Dept. of Archaeology, Orkney College, UHI. In 2011, she became an Affiliated Scholar of the Human Ecodynamics Research Centre, City University of New York.

Research interests

  • Ingrid’s main area of research is archaeozoology, with a specific focus on North Atlantic archaeofaunas and on palaeodietary analysis. A further area of research is the role of archaeology in ESD (Education for Sustainable Development). She is currently the co-ordinating editor for the journal Environmental Archaeology (http://maney.co.uk/index.php/journals/env/).

Current/recent research projects

  • Gateway to the Atlantic: fieldwork and community outreach in Rousay, Orkney (2009-current) (supported by OIC, Bradford University, CUNY) (in collaboration with Drs. Steve Dockrell and Julie Bond, U. of Bradford, Dr. Jane Downes and Julie Gibson, UHI and Profs.Tom McGovern and Sophia Pedikaris, CUNY) (http://www.nabohome.org/fieldschools/rousay.html)
  • Sustainability, Past, Present and Future: ESD and the HE Curriculum (2010-current) (supported by the HEA, OIC) (in collaboration with Dr. Jane Downes, UHI and Profs. Ian Simpson and Richard Oram, U. of Stirling) (http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/ourwork/teachingandlearning/alldisplay?type=projects&newid=esd/esd_uhi_pastpresentfuture&site=york)
  • Landscapes, Artefacts, Materiality and Boundaries of Sheep (2010-current) (in collaboration with Dr. Jane Downes, UHI and Dr. Jacqui Mulville, U. Cardiff)
  • Sheep in the Landscape: Isotopic and Microwear Study of Sheep Movements in Iceland and Greenland (supported by NSF/IPY 2007-2011) (in collaboration with Dr. Tom McGovern, CUNY, Dr. Janet Montgomery, University of Durham, Phillipa Ascough, SUERC)
  • The Environmental Impact of Grazing Ovicaprids in Norse Greenland and Iceland (supported by the British Academy (2002-3), Bradford University (2003-4), NSF/IPY 2007-2011) (in collaboration with Prof. Paul Halstead, University of Sheffield, Dr. Tom McGovern, CUNY, Dr. Jette Arneborg, University of Copenhagen, Dr. Janet Montgomery, University of Bradford)
  • Retroviruses, Sheep Movement and Wool Production in Prehistory (2008-2010) (in collaboration with Dr. M. Palmarini, University of Glasgow)
  • Chersosenos: animal husbandry in Byzantine Ukraine (2008-current) (supported by the University of Texas) (in collaboration with Dr. Adam Rabinowitz, University of Texas, Dr. Wim Van Neer, University of Leuven)
    ‘Refining Palaeodietary Methods of Determining Animal Diet in Antiquity: a Case Study of Seaweed as Fodder in Coastal Environments’ (supported by a NERC small grant, 2004-6) (in collaboration with Dr. Marie Balasse, CNRS, Paris and Prof. Mike Richards, Max Plack, Leipzig)
  • Biomechanics and Animal Lifestyle – Histomorphometric Approaches to Husbandry (supported by the Leverhulme Trust, 2005-7) (in collaboration with Dr. Holger Schutkowski, University of Bradford)
  • North Atlantic Archaeofaunas (ongoing) (supported by Historic Scotland, Orkney Archaeological trust, University of Oxford and others). Ness of Brodgar, Neolithic (in collaboration with Nick Card, ORCA); Moaness, Bronze/Iron Age (in collaboration with Prof. Kevin Edwards, University of Aberdeen); Mine Howe, Iron Age (in collaboration with Nick Card and Jane Downes, ORCA/Orkney College); Snusgar, Viking/Norse (in collaboration with Dr. D. Griffiths, University of Oxford); Earl’s Bu, Viking/Norse (in collaboration with Dr. C. Batey, University of Glasgow).

Academic Responsibilities

  • Leading Programme Development for BA (Hons) Archaeology
  • Lecturing on Masters in Archaeological Practice: Dissertation (Module leader); Research & Communication
  • Module leader); Professional Practice; Theory & Practice

External Responsibilities

  • Editor of academic journal, Environmental Archaeology (2004-current)
  • Steering Committee Member of Association for Environmental Archaeology (2004-current)
  • Committee Member of Research Group for Orkney World Heritage Area (2010-current)
  • Member of the ScARF Archaeological Sciences Panel
  • Member of Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA)
  • Member of International Congress of Archaeozoology (ICAZ)
  • Fellow of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries (FSA)
  • Member of NABO (Northern Atlantic Biocultural Organisation)
  • Member of GHEA (Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance)
  • Member of PAN (the Polar Archaeology Network).

Publications (selected since 2005)

  • McGovern, T.H., Perdikaris, S., Mainland, I., Ascough, P., Ewens, V., Einarsson, A., Sidell, J., Hambrecht, G., Harrison, R., 2010. The Hofstaðir archaeofauna, in: Lucas,G. (Ed.), Hofstaðir: a Viking Age Center in Northeastern Iceland, Oxbow Boks, Oxford.
  • Gibson, A, Bayliss, A. with contributions by Mainland, I. et al. 2010. Recent work on the round barrows of the Upper Wolds valley, pp. 72-107 in Leary, J., Darvill, T. and Field, D. Round Mounds and Monumentality in the British Neolithic and Beyond. Oxford: Oxbow, 2010.
  • Vanpoucke, S., Mainland, I., De Cupere, B. Waelkens, M., 2009. Dental microwear study of pigs from the Classical site of Sagalassos (SW Turkey) as an aid for the reconstruction of husbandry practices in ancient times, Environmental Archaeology, 14.2, 137-154.
  • Chessa,B., Pereira, F., Arnaud, F., Amorim, A., Goyache, F., Mainland, I. et al., 2009. Revealing the history of sheep domestication using retrovirus integrations, Science 324, 532-536.
  • Balasse, M., Mainland, I. and Richards, M. 2009. Stable isotope evidence for seasonal consumption of marine seaweed by modern and archaeological sheep in the Orkney archipelago (Scotland), Environmental Archaeology 14.1, 1-14.
  • Mainland, I. 2008. The uses of archaeological faunal remains in landscape archaeology, in Bruno, D. & Thomas, R. (ed.) The Handbook of Landscape Archaeology: World Arch. Cong. Res. Handbooks in Archaeology, CA: Left Coast Press.
  • Mainland, I. L., Schutkowski, H. and Thomson, A.F. 2007. Macro- and micromorphological features of lifestyle differences in pigs and wild boar. Anthropozoologica 42, 89-106, 2007.
  • Wilkie, T., Mainland, I., Albarella, U., Dobney, K. and Rowley-Conwy, P. 2007. A dental microwear study of pig diet and management in Iron-Age/Romano-British, Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval contexts in England, in Albarella, A., Dobney, K., Ervynck, E. and Rowley-Conwy, P. (eds.), Pigs and Humans: 10,000 Years of Interaction, 241-254, Oxford, OUP.

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