New Staff Accounts


If you have a new member of staff joining the University/College, please ensure that a Staff Request form is submitted via Unidesk. The table below shows the responsible person(s) for submitting the form.

Accredited Partner

Authorised Submitter

Executive Office

Line Manager

UHI Argyll

Line Manager/HR

UHI Inverness


UHI Moray


UHI North Highland


UHI Orkney

Line Manager/HR

UHI Outer Hebrides

Line Manager/HR

UHI Perth


UHI Shetland

Line Manager/HR

UHI West Highland



Line Manager/IT

Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Line Manager/HR

Scottish Association for Marine Science

Line Manager/HR


To submit the form, go to  click on the Account requests tile and select the Staff Account Request option.

Select the New Staff Account option and complete the form.  This will then allow the basic IT account to be set up for your new staff member.  This will give the staff member access to Outlook, Teams, Office 365 suite.

Please ensure that complete the new user form at least 5 working days in advance of the member of staff starting.


Access to Other IT services


Should your new member of staff require extra access to other specialist software, separate UniDesk forms need to be completed for that. The list below details how to request these:



Sharepoint access is provided by the super user of the area access is required to.