Returning UHI Equipment


As a member of staff at EO you may be asked to return equipment if it is faulty or if you are leaving.

To do so, please follow the below steps:

  • Please ensure that you submit the Hardware form on the Self Service Portal (SSP/Unidesk) to report the fault or the return of equipment.
  • In the Hardware form please advise how you want to return the equipment:
    • if you wish to drop off the equipment.  You can do so at the UHI House or
    • If you wish to post the equipment the Desktop team will advise you of the address to send the equipment.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment is packaged securely.
    • Ensure that the box/outer containers are strong enough for their contents.
    • Fragile items such as monitors or laptops should not touch either each other, or the side of the container.
    • Fill the container with cushioning material like bubble-wrap or polystyrene chips
    • Put a contact name and SSP reference number (will begin with 'I') inside the box so that we know who is sending it.
    • Seal the container securely with vinyl tape along all edges and openings.
  • Purchase of personal computing equipment, associated peripherals and mobile phones
    • It is not possible, as part of the leaving process, to purchase personal equipment. Equipment  must  be returned to the university for secure processing.

Once you have posted the items, please update the SSP ticket to advise the team it has been sent. Please also ensure that you retain your receipt/tracking details as you can then reclaim return costs via the UHI finance team.