EO Staff Leaving UHI


This page is for EO staff leaving UHI and their managers detailing the activities that need to be followed when someone leaves UHI.

When leaving the University there are several activities that an employee and their manager must undertake before the employee leaves.

Below gives details of some of the activities that must be undertaken.

To be started as soon as resignation notice has been submitted

Employee Manager

Review electronic files/folders to ensure that any appropriate information can be accessed by colleagues via suitable permissions or shared drive access.

Please arrange an appointment with the University Archivist and Records Manager to confirm action

(This should include files stored on OneDrive)

You should be aware that once your account is removed the service will automatically grant your current line manager access to OneDrive to review any files that remain in the service.

Complete Leaver form on Unidesk (Account Request > Staff Account Request).

Remove the individual from all authorised signatory lists if not required to continue doing job.

If Inbox or OneDrive is to be retained for any reason, please complete the Leaver Retention Request form (Records and Archive > Leaver Retention Request)

Download any online payslips and P60s via the Employee Self-Service portal prior to the last working day.

Remind the member of staff that any online payslips and P60s need to be downloaded via the Employee Self-Service portal prior to the last working day

Pass on details of any shared resource accounts and passwords (such as shared email accounts).

The Unidesk leaver form will remove leavers from core university services. However, the employee may have access to other software which do not link to the university authentication system (e.g., SITS).

Check with member of staff if they have access to any systems such as this and log a ticket to have access removed from that system via the software ticket on Unidesk.

Review Outlook emails, save any personal emails to a folder on your Desktop, and send these to your personal device using UHI Dropbox. Please ensure you complete any review before you leave, as no access to Outlook accounts will be permitted beyond last day of contractual employment.

Raise a request for the Outlook account to be disabled on the last day of employment for your leaver member of staff. Please note that no access to Outlook accounts will be permitted beyond last day of contractual employment.

Ensure that all recurring meetings that you have scheduled are cancelled, as these remain active for the attendees.


Ensure documentation is up to date for any activities that you undertake, and your manager is aware of where these documents are stored.


Should you have any UHI hardware at home or a company mobile phone log a Hardware UniDesk form to arrange pick up or drop off or your equipment.


Arrange for credit card to be returned to finance.


Last Day activities

Employee Manager

Return name badge & any building access fobs

Ensure employee sets an out of office on their email

Return Keys (desk, cabinets, offices, buildings etc)

Update contact details on departmental/project websites, organograms, distribution lists

Return Car parking permit


Return any University issued uniform/clothing/personal protective equipment


Details of how to package your equipment securely if you need to return any hardware/kit. The EO desktop team will contact you confirm details when you log your hardware return ticket.

If you have any outstanding balance on the Cycle to Work scheme a member of the finance team will contact you to finalise payments.