Working Abroad

What to do to if you need to access your work from abroad. content

What to do to if you need to access your work from abroad.

Cybersecurity is something we take serioulsy at UHI. One of the ways we protect our Users, is to employ a UK only access policy.

This mean that if you go abroad, you will not be able to access your UHI account or emails.

We understand that there may be times where you may need to work from abroad, but we must consider the security implication of this.

The following steps MUST be taken to ensure you have the access you will require for the duration of your trip.


  1. Discus with your local IT team if there are any specific equipment restrictions/requirements in the country you are visiting.
  2. Discus with your Line Manager which country you are going to be traveling to your date leaving the UK and returning to the UK.
  3. Ask you Line Manager to submit the Account Request - Access from Abroad form on Unidesk.
  4. If you have a UHI mobile device and will be using it abroad, you will need to submit the Phone Services form on Unidesk to request Roaming or International calls.


It is important to note that these steps MUST be taken proior to your leaving date. Failure to do so, will risk not having access to your account, and/or in cases with mobile devices, incur charges.