Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)


At UHI we offer our Staff, Students and Visitors a way to be able to connect to the Internet from any of our Campuses and Sites.

Below you will find a variety of ways you will be able to access the Internet across your devices.

Eduroam content


Eduroam logo

eduroam provides the fastest Wi-Fi experience for staff and students.

Students should use eduroam

Staff should use Corporate Wifi, where possible. Staff can use Eduroam on their personal devices.

The 'eduroam' service allows University staff and students to use Wi-Fi services at thousands of participating sites worldwide. This service provides the fastest and most stable connectivity on our campuses.

FE students can use eduroam at UHI but will not be able to access eduroam at other institutions due to content restriction issues.

UHI implements content filtering on the eduroam network to protect users from malware and to meet Information Security requirements.

Get Eduroam and EduroamCAT content

Get Eduroam and EduroamCAT

Get Eduroam and EduroamCAT

The following steps will allow simple connectivity to Eduroam on your smartphone.

  • Go to your app store and search “Eduroam”
  • Select and download “Get Eduroam”
  • Once downloaded, switch on your Wi-Fi for your mobile device
  • Open Get Eduroam
  • You will be presented with a search box, enter “UHI”

GetEdroam search page

  • You will now be presented with a login screen. Enter your UHI your ID in the style of ‘userID@uhi.ac.uk’ and regular network password (if the connection fails, please check your ID and password are correct).

GetEdruoam search

  • Provided you entered the correct userID and password. You will then be displayed with a success message and your device will be automatically connected to Eduroam.

Successful set up and login for Eduroam

Please note that whilst on Eduroam, you will have internet access but no access to printers or scanners.

 List of device compatibility

Manual Configuration for Eduroam content

Manual Configuration for Eduroam

Manual Configuration for Eduroam

You can continue to configure your network settings manually as below.

Android 10 (and below)
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Android 11 (and above)
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iPhone / iOS
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Individuals with devices running Android version 11 and onwards will need to be aware of changes to how they connect to eduroam. It is no longer possible to choose the “Do not validate” option in the “CA Certificate” dropdown.

You can check and update your version of Android with the guidance on google support

  1. Go to Wi-Fi in settings
  2. Select “Eduroam
  3. For “EAP Method”, choose “PEAP
  4. For “Phase 2 authentication”, choose “MSCHAPv2
  5. For “CA Certificate”, choose “Do not validate” or “unspecified
  6. Enter your Identity which is your StudentNumber@uhi.ac.uk
  7. Leave “Anonymous Identity” empty
  8. Enter your password. This is the same as your computer account.
  9. Tap on Connect
  1. Go to Wi-Fi in settings
  2. Select “Eduroam
  3. For “EAP Method”, choose “PEAP
  4. For “Phase 2 authentication”, choose “MSCHAPv2
  5. For “CA Certificate”, choose “Use system certificates
    • On Pixel Devices/ Android 14:  Set CA Certificate to Trust on First use
  6. If you have an option for “Online certificate status”, choose “Request certificate” status
  7. For “Domain”, enter “uhi.ac.uk
  8. Enter your Identity which is your StudentNumber@uhi.ac.uk
  9. Leave “Anonymous Identity” empty
    • On Pixel Devices/ Android 14:  Set “Anonymous Identity” to 'anonymous@uhi.ac.uk'
  10. Enter your password. This is the same as your computer account.
  11. Tap on Connect
  1. Go to Wi-Fi in settings
  2. Select “Eduroam
  3. Enter your Username which is your StudentNumber@uhi.ac.uk
  4. Enter your password. This is the same as your computer account.
  5. Select “Join” at the top right.
  6. If a certificate page appears, select “Trust” at the top right of the screen.
Android 11 setup video content

Android 11 setup video

Troubleshooting for Android 11 devices content

Troubleshooting for Android 11 devices

Troubleshooting for Android 11 devices

Removing current Eduroam settings

If you have previously set up your Eduroam connection without certificate validation, you'll be unable to connect after you've upgraded to Android 11. To reconnect, you'll need to remove the current settings for Eduroam. To do this please follow the below:

  1. Go to "Settings" on your device and then "Wi-Fi"
  2. Tap and hold Eduroam. choose the option for "Forget network" and continue.


If you are having problems connecting using the settings above, you may need to download and install these certificates to your device and try connecting again.

Google have a helpful article on installing certificates

UHIvisitor and Govroam content

UHIvisitor and Govroam

UHIvisitor and Govroam

Guest WiFi (UHIvisitor)

There is a WiFi guest service that is available to connect to for guests, this service is hosted by Sky (more info).

Click UHIvisitor SSID to connect to our guest Wi-Fi service.

If you are able to connect to this WiFi service but cannot get logged in please contact Sky Wifi Support on 0844 241 1909


Visitors from organisations that participate in the Govroam service can connect to the Govroam wireless network in University buildings using the username and password provided by their home organisation.

If you have previously connected to Govroam at a different location, you may find that you will be connected to this automatically upon visiting a UHI building.

We’re sorry, but UHI IT Services can’t provide help with connecting to this service – visitors should contact their home organisation for help and advice.


Give us your feedback

If you have any feedback or comments regarding the quality of the University’s wireless service then we would really like to hear from you. Please email your comments to servicedesk@uhi.ac.uk