ALFF: the ALgal microbiome - Friends and Foes


The overarching aim of ALFF is to train 15 PhD students (researchers and technologists) within a multinational consortium of 10 institutions, whilst bringing a scientific step-change in our understanding of these interactions, leading to the development of superior mass algal cultivation and biocontrol strategies. The project stems from the exponentially rate of growth of Algal aquaculture worldwide, with multiple applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Current research in algal biotechnology mostly focuses on metabolite discovery, aquaculture yield improvement and engineering bottlenecks. However, agronomical experience shows that controlling the interaction of land crops with mutualistic or pathogenic microbes is most critical to successful production. Likewise, controlling the microbial flora associated with algae (the 'algal microbiome') is emerging as the biggest biological challenge for their increased usage. The project aims to help satisfy the need for specialist.

Project website: ALFF