Sam Mckenzie


Sam Mckenzie is a current HNC Computer Science student at Inverness College UHI. Sam has been volunteering as a Student Ambassador for Inverness College for the last two years.

Sam Mckenzie

“As a 17-year-old who struggled with social anxiety, I was very reluctant at first about the idea of being a Student Ambassador.  A very persuasive friend, who didn't want to go into it alone, encouraged me to go along with them. I’m delighted to say, that I've not regretted a single moment of being a Student Ambassador and am so thankful that I was convinced to join up.

From a personal perspective, being a Student Ambassador has helped me with my social anxiety.  I've been placed in many different social situations that I otherwise would not have found myself in, and this has allowed me to push my boundaries. As a result of this, I've found it much easier to be motivated about going to class and also in self-motivated study.

My people skills and confidence have grown as a result of being a Student Ambassador, as I have had to lead tour groups around the college on open days and have been a part of the Inverness College Students’ Association stand during the Fresher's Fayre.

As a Student Ambassador, I enjoy being able to help people out and potentially help motivate others to pursue further education. Also the free food is a pretty big plus!

Being a Student Ambassador is an amazing experience that can push you out of your comfort zone and can help you meet new and interesting people. I would highly recommend it as a great volunteering opportunity. Additionally, it's a fairly noteworthy opportunity to put on a CV.”