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Prof Jane Downes

After graduating with BA Hons in Ancient History and Archaeology from Manchester University Jane worked for several years with the Fenland Archaeological Trust on the waterlogged prehistoric sites of Etton and Flag Fen. She then moved to Glasgow University where she worked as a Research Assistant, and then as a Project Officer and Project Manager for GUARD. Transferring to Sheffield University in 1995 she took the post of Assistant Director of ARCUS and continued fieldwork in Orkney as well as working elsewhere in UK. In 1999 Jane took up post as Lecturer at Orkney College, UHI, where she set up the MA/PgDip in Archaeological Practice. Jane’s PhD in ‘Bronze Age Cremation Practices in Orkney’ was awarded by Sheffield University.

Research interests

  • Jane has research interests in burial archaeology, particularly cremation, and in prehistoric and landscape archaeology. She also has research interests in the management and sustainable development of landscape and cultural heritage resources, and has involvement in the research of several World Heritage Sites in connection with this.

Current Projects

  • Mine Howe, Orkney (Co-director with Nick Card ORCA).
  • Orkney Barrows.
  • Knowes of Trotty.
  • Ring of Brodgar, Orkney WHS (Co-director with Dr Colin Richards University of Manchester).

Academic responsibilities

  • Jane is the head of Orkney College Archaeology Department as well as director of Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA link). She is also a Member of UHI Academic Council, as well as sitting on the UHI Research Committee and Arts, Humanities and Social Science Faculty Board.
  • Funerary and Burial Archaeology.
  • Death and Burial Archaeology.

External responsibilities and memberships

  • Member of the Institute for Archaeologists (MIFA).

Contact Details

Te: 01856 569320

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