UHI Student Printing Credit Top Up


Unless your lecturer has arranged for print credit to be added to your account, you will have to pay for your printing.

Printing starts at 4p - please ask your local ICT support for further information regarding printing costs.

You can top-up your account online.

  • Go to Myday
  • UHI Print tile
  • Then Add Print Credit
  • You can pay by card, or cash
    • For cash payments, this is not available at all sites. Please check with your campus.

If you are using your own laptop, you may need to download the PaperCut print management app first.

Each time you send a document to the printer, PaperCut will ask you to login with your student ID and password.

The printers can also scan and copy for you.


Where students purchase additional print credit, the following applies:

  1. The free print credit applied to any students has no refund value.
  2. We recommend that you only purchase the amount of credit that you require for your current need. We would also suggest that before you leave the University / College you run down your print credit to zero.
  3. In order to get any refund over £5 these must be requested within 90 days of leaving the University/College.
  4. Any unspent credit below £5 will be identified and donated to a charity nominated by HISA.