Leaving UHI

Information on what will happen to your student account over the summer or when you leave UHI content

Information on what will happen to your student account over the summer or when you leave UHI

Just finished your studies and now thinking about what will happen to your UHI account?

For students who are completing their studies this year and leaving UHI, you will be able to access your account and our services until October for HE Students.

After this time your student record will become inactive, we then proceed with our annual house keeping of all records and remove those without an active enrolment.  What this means is that you academic record will remain in the system but all services linked to that account such as Brightspace, your student email account, network drive storage etc will be deleted. Once your account has been removed we may not be able to recover any data.


We recommend doing some of the following activities listed below, to ensure you retain any imortant documents or work before your account is closed.

Email Create an email .pst file (opens a microsoft page) Gives you a static copy of your email to refer to in the future.
Email Create an automatic reply To let contacts know your follow on email address.
Email Forwarded Student Email Accounts If you have any forwards on your account to an external email address (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) you may wish to remove this now or at some point in the future as you will continue to receive communication from the University.  To amend your email account preferences, click on the link below and follow the instructions:
Then untick Enable Forwarding and click the save at the forwarding screen.
Unfortunately, any forward cannot be removed by the University once your account is deemed inactive.
Filestore Moving your files Any files that are stored on your Student OneDrive, you may wish to back up to make sure you do not lose anything you feel is key to your studies. 
If you have any queries let us know.
Filestore Copy documents from your college network drives to a portable device. To ensure you have a copy of your data.

Login to https://uhi.account.worldcat.org/account/checkouts and check your loan history for an outstanding items.

For those who use RefWorks or Endnote, log into them and download your references onto a portable device.

To ensure you don't have any outstanding items and should you wish to keep a copy of your data.
Mahara Take an export of your portfolio. To enable you to keep a copy of your portfolio.
Personal Equipment Remove any UHI software that you will no longer be using. To ensure you aren't breaking any licensing agreements and to free up your PC resources.  If you have Office 365 installed (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc) through your University account this will stop working when your student account has expired.
Video Login to the UHI video streaming service (stream.uhi.ac.uk) and download a copy of your videos to a personal device. Should you wish to keep a copy of your videos. (Note you should always keep the original in the first instance as the quality of downloaded copies will not be as good as the original).
VLE (Brightspace) Take a manual copy of any contributions you have made to your modules that you wish to keep. Should you wish to keep a copy of the data.

If you have set up your UHI email account as your main account on your home PC you can find details of how to disconnect the account via this Microsoft page.


If you require any additional copies of your records transcript in the future you will need to contact your local College student support or the UHI Student Records office.

For students who are returning you will have access to our services throughout the summer. You may want to take the opportunity to carry out some house keeping and get ready for the coming year.

Permanently withdrawal

For students who are permanently withdrawing prior to the course ending your account access will be closed when your registry team updates your student record with this information.

Temporary withdrawal

If you are temporarily withdrawing (suspending) from your studies, your access to UHI IT services will be suspended until you return.

You are reminded that you are responsible for downloading all electronic assessed work and feedback and for retaining all of your assessed work. It is your responsibility to produce the work should you wish to use it in the future as the basis of an academic appeal or any other reason.